Ocean Pro Hydraulic Steering System - 150HP or less

Ocean Pro Hydraulic Steering System - 150HP or less

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Ocean Pro Marine allows you to install all of the safety, reliability and comfort of hydraulic steering onto your boats rated up to a maximum of 150HP as rated by the engine manufacturer. 

The Ocean Pro Marine steering system consists of a super low friction helm for smooth comfortable steering, a balanced cylinder–featuring a compact design that fits most splashwells. For your convenience two lengths of 20’ cut to fit tubing are supplies (2 x 20’ length), two bottles of hydraulic steering fluid, and one fill tube for easy fill and purge.

Features : 
• Steering lock valves.
• 5 turns lock-to-lock.
• Up to 150 horsepower (total).
• Available either as separate components or as a complete system ready to install.
• Fixed cylinder.
• Ocean Pro hydraulic tubing cut to suit application.
• Tilt option available.

DO NOT use on smaller HP outboard engines that use wing nut type transom mount clamping screws.