3 Bow Bimini Top : 6' X 91-96 X 46" : Aluminum : 1 Year Warranty
3 Bow Bimini Top : 6' X 91-96 X 46" : Aluminum : 1 Year Warranty
3 Bow Bimini Top : 6' X 91-96 X 46" : Aluminum : 1 Year Warranty

3 Bow Bimini Top : 6' X 91-96 X 46" : Aluminum : 1 Year Warranty

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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Bright anodized, aluminum 1mm (0.2cm) tube
  • Marine Grade 600D polyester fabric
  • 2 front nylon straps, 2 rear support poles
  • Matching colored storage boot included FREE
  • Full set install fittings



We get asked lots of times “how do we know what size Bimini will fit my boat.”

Hopefully this blog will help explain.

Firstly here’s how we measure a Bimini, length, width and height. The diaphragm below shows what these are.


Now that you know that the next thing is bows. Bows are the number of bars that run through the Bimini top to secure it to the frame. As the Bimini gets longer you need more bows for support. They come in 2,3 and 4 bow options.

So to the measuring.

Width: The first thing you need to measure is the width.  This is the most important thing that you want to make sure you get right. Don’t panic its not difficult! First work out where you want the Bimini mounts to go and measure from mounting point to mounting point, this is your width dimension.  You will notice that we list our Bimini Covers with a mounting range, ie 150-170cm. So as long as you fit within the range we are nearly there.

Length: Bimini Top come in different lengths. The width mounting points are the roughly the centre of the Bimini. For example, a 2m length cover would provide roughly 1m of shade in front of the mounting point and 1m behind it.

Height: This is the height of the Bimini so measure from the mounting point up and see how that would look. Don’t measure from the boats deck

Now you have the 3 measurements you are ready to go. Just need to decide on the colour now.

Couple more things that come standard with our Bimini Tops are rear support poles and a storage boot. Not everyone includes these and will make you pay extra to get them.

Bimini support poles gives a more secure and stable support option for your Bimini. Not only does it make it stronger but it also means you can fold the cover back onto them when not in use.  We have enough things to do after a boating trip without having to take a Bimini down.

Storage boot is a must. This comes standard with our Bimini so you don’t need to worry about ordering. Once you have closed up your Bimini and have it sitting back on the rear support poles the boot goes over the closed Bimini. This protects the Bimini material and also makes the boat look way cooler.